Help and frequently asked questions

How does the Solpal® principle work?

Solpal® is the world`s first tankless solar water heater. It has a storage tank that is integrated into the collector. The principle is easy but brilliant: Water is heated and stored directly in the solar collector. Thanks to the integrated storage tank, hot water is created the minute sunlight hits.

This process is quick and the water always remains fresh and clean. The smallest amount of sunlight can be converted into heat and used effectively – so you can save solar water heater costs.

What are the options for installing Solpal® on the roof?

Installation is possible on flat roofs and parallel roofs. Please refer to the handbook for information on the elevation.


One of the most frequent installation types is the inclined roof installation. There must also be sufficient space around the Solpal® system. Safe installation of the Solpal® system, including its connection pipes, must be ensured. The space available must be matched to the space required by the system when planning its installation.


Another type of Solpal® installation is on a flat roof. In this case Solpal® is attached to a special metal construction. The optimal southern orientation can then be adapted to the available angles. A feasibility study as a first step is essential in this case, too. The installation distances and collector surface area must be taken into account to ensure safe installation.


Due to its simple and compact attachment system, Solpal® can also be easily installed as a free-standing system. In this case it is important that the subsoil should be reinforced (e.g. a concrete foundation, wooden construction or similar base). Care must also be taken that the system is not accessible to the public, as it poses a risk of burns. (Caution! The hot water outlet of the Solpal® system may heat up to 90°C).

What can I do if the water is very hard?

Please ask your installer about the possibility of using limescale filters as well as appropriate cleaning and maintenance.

What are the advantages of Solpal® compared with a thermosiphon system?

The integrated collector-storage system offers a high-quality and design-oriented solution.  With its all-in-one system Solpal® is unique on the market.

What are the dimensions of the individual models and how heavy are they?

Solpal® L plus with an empty weight of 150lbs and dimensions of (LxWxH) 86.0” x 43.3” x 8.3”
Solpal® compact L with an empty weight of 275.6 lbs and dimensions of (LxWxH) 68.2” x 46.2” x 2.9”

What about wind loads?

The maximum wind loads at the destination are to be taken into account to ensure that the loads can be absorbed by the system construction and that buildings and equipment are protected from damage.

Wind may exert a pushing or pulling force on the construction, with the height of the building playing a significant role. The relevant regulations applicable to the whole of Europe are described in EN 1991. The technician installing the system is obliged to adhere to the applicable installation standards.