About Solpal® - solar water heater system


The energy situation worldwide is characterised by limited natural gas and crude oil reserves, but by increasing consumption. Moreover, additional Co2 emissions are heating up our atmosphere, resulting in alarming climate change. This enforces a more responsible energy-handling policy. What we need is more efficiency, with an increase in the use of renewable energy sources. Solpal® – the first tankless solar water heater – allows you to cover up to 90% of the energy required each year for heating domestic water. Solpal® is the new generation of design-orientated compact solar solutions without any external tank.

Free. Hot. Water.

That is Solpal®‘s vision and it has a future. The innovative Solpal® solution allows everyone to use the sun effectively to collect energy. Tankless hot water systems make it possible to use free solar energy even better. Solar water heater systems are also more efficient and twice as fast as conventional thermosiphon systems. This results in energy cost savings of up to 90 percent in the production of sanitary hot water.

The sun is the best renewal energy source of the future! Solpal® allows you to tap hot water 365 days a year while saving energy. This saves resources and thus the environment, increasing supply reliability and saving you money. Solpal® allows you to save up to 2601 lbs Co2 per year, thus making an important contribution to a liveable future, providing future generations with a high quality of life.


Solpal® demonstrates that a modern solar design can be used to create striking and efficient solar water heater systems. Solpal® is a revolutionary, integrated collector storage system in which both performance and product design constitute significant factors. The water is directly heated and stored in the system, thus significantly increasing its energy efficiency. Solpal® is thus the ideal compact solar solution for detached houses, villas, holiday and weekend homes!


The idea of Solpal® differs from that of conventional thermosiphon systems in that the heat storage is integrated into the system. The classic 2-circuit thermosiphon principle has been improved by further developments and improvements to create a compact, unpumped 1-circuit system. As various components such as the solar pump, heat exchanger or combination storage are falling away, Solpal® is compact, quick to install, space-saving and low-maintenance – the perfect solar water heater!

The integrated collector storage system is directly connected to the water pipe and water thus flows through it at the normal pressure. This means that the water becomes a heat transfer and consumption medium. The fresh tap water flows through the system from the bottom to the top, resulting in heating of the medium by solar radiation. The temperature-dependent sealing function of the water allows for layering in the system. The hot water rises, due to its lower specific weight. The system has 7 heating pipes specially designed for solar applications integrated into the system. The pipes are suitable for drinking water and connected to each other with plastic caps specially produced and patented for this system. The water to be heated flows in serpentines through the pipes, thus the incoming cold water cannot mix with the solar-heated water.

The fact that the heat transfer medium of the integrated system is the same as the consumption medium means that there are no transfer losses between the media. Even the slightest radiation can therefore be converted into heat and utilised effectively.

solpal solar powered water heater


Solpal® is constantly exposed to the weather and to high temperature fluctuations. The system must therefore consist of materials that can withstand these conditions. Solpal® is produced from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, low-iron solar glass and polymers that meet the standards of the automotive industry. The resulting high stability and the performance data of the integrated collector storage system are tested by certified institutes.

Collector test according to DIN EN 12976-1:2006-04 and DIN EN 12976-2:2006-0

These tests involve determining the performance of the collectors and testing their resistance to environmental influences such as rain, snow or wind.

Solar Keymark

Certification according to the Solar Keymark is also based on the collector test EN 12976-1,2, but the test samples are directly collected during the production process by an independent test institute. Solpal® is tested and certified according to the Solar Keymark requirements.

solpal certificates